Tampa Bay's Brewery Guide

Rapp Brewing Company

10930 Endeavor Way, Seminole

We are a nano sized brewery in the heart of Pinellas County Florida. We specialize in small batch, hand crafted, artisanal Ales and Lagers. We focus on creativity - exploring beer styles and variations on them. We also brew styles that have long been thought lost and artfully create brews reminiscent of ages long ago. We have limited distribution and focus on direct interaction with craft beer enthusiasts.

We have a 650 sq. ft. tasting room in our brewery providing the perfect atmosphere for craft beer lovers to meet, sample our creations, and discuss their thoughts about our beers with us and their peers. This is a great place to meet friends and explore all the interesting beers we have on tap. We host periodic events - monthly, which will include special release beers, food, and entertainment.

The Tampa Bay area has added another brewery to its quickly growing list of breweries - adding to its reputation as a destination for craft beer lovers. Our tasting room is an added draw for tourists and local beer lovers!

We have Food Trucks at the brewery most nights.